Make Your Own Lip Gloss

At our beauty lab in Ocoee, we can help you create a custom lip gloss formula that perfectly matches your skin tone, coverage needs, and finish.

Create Your Custom Lip Gloss

You’ll be able to create the perfect lip gloss color and enrich it with conditioning botanical oils, as well as many additives such as moisture, sunscreen, lip pumping, etc. You can even add their preferred flavorings such as vanilla, cappuccino, pink champagne, hazelnut, etc.

We begin the mixing process to create your perfect shade. Our cosmetic chemists will test out your product to make sure that it matches your skin tone.

Finish your Rouge experience with application tips from our makeup experts and take home your luxury lipstick or lipgloss.

The Perfect Shade

Our cosmetic chemist will help you create a custom shade of lip gloss matching your exact requirements in pigment, texture, and aroma of your choice.

  • A private session with our cosmetic chemist to customize and make your lip gloss.
  • A complimentary beverage to sip on while blending.
  • Add a custom lipstick to go along with your lip gloss when you create them on the same day.

Ready to Find Your Signature Shade?